Friday, November 22, 2013

It's Been Just Over a Year Since Isaac Came to Live with Me

Tonight I reread the post I wrote on his first day with me.  And I've been thinking about how he's grown.  And how I've grown.

Today Isaac and I met a friend at Pizza Hut for lunch.  Isaac went right under the table and did not attempt to squirm his way out.  He did sprawl out under the table, hogging up all the foot room.  I had to tell him a couple times to scoot over.  My friend was not going to be able to put his feet on the floor otherwise.  Isaac is great in restaurants now.  It's been many  months since we've had a bad experience in one, and we sure did have a few bad experiences in the beginning!

Isaac's trainer kept telling him by the time he was three, he'd be a lot calmer.  Well, he is a lot calmer, though I suspect people don't believe me when I tell them that, because he is still so super hyper.  But compared to how he was in the beginning, he is calmer.  Maybe in another year he will not behave like a puppy on speed anymore.

The first night he was with me, he ran off after a cat or something when I was taking him out.  I had forgotten about that until I reread that post.  Unfortunately, he still does that sometimes.  Never when he's working, although of course, there are no cats to run after in Pizza Hut.  If there were, maybe he'd chase them.  I don't know.  He really, really loves to chase deer.  At least I don't panic when that happens anymore.  I know he will come right back.  He always does.

I've noticed just recently that I've really gotten used to using Isaac to help me with stuff.  What I mean is, for the longest time, Isaac was available to pick up things that I dropped but I would often bend down to pick things up myself without even thinking about it.  Telling Isaac to get it for me was not second nature.  I had to think about it.  And I felt bad about bothering him to get something for me if he was sleeping or eating or playing with a toy or whatever.  Now, it does feel natural to have Isaac pick up things for me.  And I've realized he doesn't mind if I interrupt his sleep or playtime or mealtime to do it.  He's just delighted to be asked.

I'm still paying for him.  I was supposed to have the total paid for by now and that hasn't happened.  So donations are still appreciated!  If you'd like more information about how to donate, you can email me at poet_kelly at yahoo dot com.

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