Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes I Get Tired but Isaac Never Does

This evening, my stomach as a little upset.  Um, I think I ate too much pizza for dinner.  Anyway, I had just settled down on the couch and gotten comfortable when Isaac came over, rested his head on my knee, tail wagging happily (it always is), and gave me the look that means, "I need to go out to poop right now, please."

I told him I'd take him out in a few minutes and suggested he go lie down.  Most of the time, when I say that, he does go lie down.  At least for a few minutes.  Once in a while, he doesn't.  Tonight, he didn't.  He kept his head on my knee, tail still wagging happily, and repeated the look.

I got up.  Put on my coat and shoes.  Said, "I love you, Isaac, but sometimes I get tired of going outside."  Isaac just looked at me and wagged his tail.  "I know, I know, you never get tired of going outside," I said.

And then I thought, he never gets tired of doing things for me, either.

A couple nights ago, Isaac was snoozing happily on his blankie in the corner of the living room, his favorite place to nap.  My back was hurting a lot.  I could have gotten up to get my pain meds but it's hard to get up when my back hurts and so I called Isaac's name.  He jumped up instantly, eager to see what I wanted.  I told him to get the meds and he ran to get them, then ran over to me, tail wagging like mad, to give me the meds.  I took them from him, told him he was a good boy, rubbed his ears, and told him he could go lie down.  He trotted back to his blankie and flopped down, happy to have done something for me and gotten an ear rub.

Sometimes when Isaac retrieves things for me, when he goes to put them in my hand, they end up getting dropped.  Sometimes it's me being clumsy, sometimes it's Isaac rushing and not being careful with what he's doing.  When that happens, he just picks it up again and tries again to put it in my hand.  He doesn't get tired of doing it.

So it's hard to complain too much about having to take Isaac out to poop, even if it's late and I'm tired and my stomach is upset and it's freezing cold outside.

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