Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rethinking the Day

I had plans for a busy day today.  I need to go to the Medicaid office, which is always fun.  I was going to do some cleaning and maybe a load of laundry.  I also need to pick up some things at the grocery store.

But then I woke up.  I woke up in a lot of pain.  Not just my back, but my elbows and knees hurt.  My knees.  I have arthritis in both knees but they have not hurt since I lost a bunch of weight several years ago.  But they hurt today.  Especially the right one.

So I had to rethink my plans.  No laundry, for sure.  To much lifting and bending involved, even with Isaac to unload the dryer.  No cleaning, because I can living with a messy house for one more day.  The trip to the Medicaid office and a trip to the store, but a shorter grocery list.  Some stuff I can live without for a few more days.

I'm trying not to be frustrated that I can't get done the things I want to get done, the things I feel like I need to get done.  I'm trying not to panic about being in pain and alone.

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