Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Luckily He Has a Hard Head

Isaac and I were walking through the lobby of my building.  He was looking back over his shoulder, trying to see who was in the community room.  That means he was not watching where he was going.  So he ran head-first into a chair.

He's done that before. 

Not when he's working, he generally pays attention then.  But when he's not working, he is super nosy.

He has a hard head.  It never seems to phase him.

Doesn't seem to hurt his pride, either.  When a cat does something stupid like that, they act embarrassed.  When Cayenne does something like that, she also acts mad, like it's my fault she fell off the couch or tried to jump onto the table and missed.  Not Isaac.  He just shrugs it off.

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