Thursday, February 6, 2014

Find the Hotdogs Game

This morning Isaac and I played a couple rounds of Find the Hotdogs.  It's one of Isaac's favorite games, since it involves hotdogs.  Isaac firmly believes hotdogs are the most wonderful food in the whole entire world.

Cayenne likes them, too, by the way.  She wanted to get in on the Find the Hotdogs game.  Although she wasn't really that interested in finding them.  She just wanted to eat them, really.

Anyway.  The game.

I tell Isaac to sit and to stay.  He does and then he watches with rapt attention while I "hide" small bits of hotdogs around the room.  I usually do five or six hotdog pieces at a time.

Then I tell him, "Find the hotdogs!" and he finds - and eats - the hotdogs.  He usually remembers where he saw me "hide" the last two pieces.  He goes directly to those and gobbles them up.  He knows there are more but doesn't remember exactly where, so he goes around the room, sniffing for them.  If he has trouble finding them all, I give him a hint by pointing him in the right direction.

Isaac likes the game because it involved hotdogs, but I like it for several reasons.  First, he has to practice staying even when he sees enticing hotdogs.  That's good practice for him.  But it also helps with memory, and with nose work, and with learning about he concept of "finding" something.  And it's fun for a cold day when Isaac does not get to go out for a run.

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