Thursday, February 13, 2014

Remember the Dog that was Kicked by a Woman in Walmart?

Remember a week or so ago when I posted about a woman kicking a service dog in Walmart? Well, she was arrested and charged and will be going to court at some point. Apparently at the police station, when they tried to fingerprint her and stuff, she got aggressive and smacked a cop, so now she is also being charged with assaulting a police officer.

The bad news is that the dog, while he is recovering from his physical injury, now behaves nervously in Walmart and refuses to go down the aisle where this happened and shies away from strangers that approach him, especially women of the same ethnicity as the woman that kicked him. His owner has scheduled an appointment with an animal behaviorist, but the dog may end up having to retire.

Do you understand how devastating that would be? It could be more than a year before the owner could get another service dog. I don't know about her finances, but it's possible should can't afford two dogs, which would mean in order to get another service dog, the current dog would have to be re-homed. I don't know what the maximum penalty the kicking woman can get, but I'm betting it's not nearly severe enough for all that.

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