Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update on the Pretty Kitty

Yesterday Cayenne was licking her belly a lot.  She usually doesn't lick her tumors much.  They get scabs on them and sometimes ooze a little and I try to keep the hair around them trimmed so it doesn't get stuck in the oozing/scabby stuff.  When I see her licking her belly a lot, I look to see if she's actually messing with the scabs or tumors or if she's just washing the rest of her belly.  If she's licking the tumors, I try to distract her and discourage her from licking them.

Well, yesterday she was licking her belly, and I looked to see what she was licking, and it looked like her whole belly was awash in blood.  I am not particularly squeamish, but it kind of freaked me out.  I said, "Oh my god, Cayenne!" and froze for a second, then jumped up and grabbed some clean rags.  I couldn't even see where the blood was coming from, there was so much. 

Of course, Cayenne did not appreciate my assistance and was not particularly cooperative.  I tried to wipe off as much blood as I could, so I could at least see where it was coming from.  It all appeared to be coming from one of the two tumors.  It appeared she had pulled a scab off, a big scab.  I tried to put pressure on it for a little while, to help stop the bleeding, which Cayenne also did not appreciate.

It didn't seem to be particularly painful for her.  She did like me touching it but she didn't like me looking at it, either, and I know looking with my eyes did not hurt her.  When I let go of her, she trotted over to her food dish and ate a little dry cat food.  Then she lay down on her blankie, on her belly, probably because she figured if she was lying on it, I couldn't mess with it.

It probably wasn't really that much blood, but it looked like a lot.

Last night and today, it's been oozing a little blood, but not like it was yesterday.

She didn't eat much dinner last night and didn't eat much breakfast this morning.  That is unusual for her and it worried me.  I gave her half a jar of stinky turkey baby food this afternoon, while Isaac was out for his run, and she gobbled that up.

Maybe I'll give her an extra dose of her anti-inflammatory this evening.  She was without it for a few days because we ran out and I had to wait until I got paid to go to the vet and get more.  That stuff is $38 for a small bottle.  I feel bad that I ran out for a few days, though.  She didn't seem like she was uncomfortable during that time but maybe it made the tumors bother her more.

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  1. A bleeding kitty is so scary. One time Sugar Plum had some blood in her mouth and I was in a panic. I rushed her to the vet. They examined her and found nothing wrong, she just have just bit something wrong but there was no apparent injury worth treating. It sucks that Cayenne was bleeding! I hope she stops messing with her tumors and stops the bleeding. Sugar Plum licks herself bloody sometimes due to allergies or a nervous tic. Cortisone shots help a bit but not enough. (By the way I still need to get Tara's tumor biopsied, the vet said he can't tell what it is but it doesn't appear to be causing her pain or anything but I haven't had the $300 lately to do the procedure and pay for the tests - hope to soon but just learned I need a crown on my own teeth for $500. Yikes.)