Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Isaac's Smarter Than Your Isaac

This morning, on our way back in from peeing in the snow, Isaac spotted one of our neighbors, we'll call her N, and her daughter, we'll call her C, sitting in the community room.  Isaac has figured out that neighbors no longer gather on the patio since it's cold out, but instead they hang out in the community room.  Every time we come inside from an outing, he checks to see if anyone is in there.  If there is someone in there, he insists on stopping to say hello.

N loves Isaac.  Everyone loves Isaac, but she absolutely adores him.  At Christmastime, she gave me a card address to "Kelly and the Dog That I Love."   She's the one that told me sometimes she feels scared but she always feels better when Isaac is around.  He climbs right up in her lap and she wants him to, even when his feet are all wet from the snow.  He kisses her face and she loves it.  She's also the one that, several months ago, happened to be walking by the laundry room when Isaac was getting clothes out of the dryer for me and, even though I'd told her that was one of his tasks, was astounded and amazed to see him actually doing it.

C loves Isaac, too.  A week or so ago, I was telling her about some of the things Isaac does for me and I dropped my hat and had him pick it up for me and then I had him turn on the lights in the community room.  She was suitably impressed.

Today, N was sitting on the couch in the community room and C was sitting on a chair next to the couch.  Isaac climbed into N's lap, kissed her, then climbed over the arm of the chair into C's lap and kissed her.  Then he climbed back over onto the couch and lay down between them where they could both pet him.

Now, please understand I am only letting him climb on people, and on the furniture, because both of those people wanted him to climb on them and are perfectly OK with him being on the furniture.  I let Isaac on my furniture, but I wouldn't let him on someone else's without making sure it was OK with them.  The furniture in the community room belongs to the apartment complex, and I don't really know how the owners feel about my dog being on the couch, but if the residents who use that room are OK with it, then I'm OK with it, too.  I don't want to sound like I just let my dog go nuts, though.

So, after pets and kisses and cuddles, Isaac settled down between his two friends (totally ignoring me), and the following conversation ensued.

C: This dog is so smart.

N: He is smart.  He's a real smart dog.

C: Mama, this dog is so smart, he can cut on the lights.

N: He's so smart he takes her clothes out of the dryer for her.  I seen him do it.

C: The other day she dropped her hat on the floor and told him to get it and he picked it right up and gave it to her.

It was the funniest conversation.  It was like they were trying to top each other.

I told them that Isaac's trainer said he was the smartest dog she'd ever trained.  They both looked very satisfied and said, "See, I told you he was smart.

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