Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kids and Kids and More Kids

I meant to write about this a few days ago but was too busy writing about being in and about having a meltdown and throwing my groceries around my kitchen.

But before my meltdown, Isaac and I went grocery shopping.  I rarely go grocery shopping on the weekends.  I prefer to go during the week, when the store is less crowded.  But it was the weekend and I needed groceries.  So grocery shopping we went.

There were a lot of kids in the store and Isaac seemed unusually interested in/distracted by them.  I don't know why.  He kept stopping while we were walking through the store to watch kids.

At one point, this man with a toddler chased me down an aisle to ask me if his kid could pet my dog.  Isaac really, really wanted to say hello to that kid.  The kid was about as tall as Isaac.  They stood there, nose to nose, Isaac's tail wagging hard.  The kid was about two, maybe three.  He reached up and petted Isaac on the side of the face, really, really gently.  It was so cute.  Isaac loved it.  And the kid told me "thank you" really nicely.

A few minutes later, this kid that was about seven or eight came running toward me, asking, "Ma'am, ma'am, can I pet your dog?"  So I said yes and he petted Isaac and he asked me what my dog's name was.  He was shopping with his grandma and later on, when Isaac and I were on our way up to the front of the store to pay for our stuff, we saw the kid and his grandma, and the kid said, really loud and excited, "Grandma!  Look, Grandma!  There's Isaac!"

Isaac had a great time.  I didn't have an awful time, but I concluded that my plan about shopping during the week was a good one and I should do that from now on.

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