Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Therapy Dog Story

Isaac and I are continuing to enjoy our visits to the nursing home.  There are now a number of residents that know and remember his name and recognize him when he arrives.  I don't think any of them know my name and in fact, I bet someone else could take Isaac to the nursing home and they probably wouldn't even notice it was someone other than me there with him!  But they know Isaac.  And that's just fine with me.

One of Isaac's special friends there is named Millie (that's what I'm calling her, anyway).  This week, like last week, she was in bed resting when we arrived.  I knocked on the wall next to her open door but she didn't stir.  I was pretty sure she wouldn't want to miss our visit, though, so I went over to her bed and called her name.  She stirred, and then, to my surprise, Isaac jumped up onto her bed.

Last week, I'd asked her if it was OK for him to get on her bed and she'd been delighted and said oh yes.  I think he remembered that and figured he was allowed to get up there this week, too.  I would have preferred he wait to be given permission, and he and I will continue to work on that.  But Millie was thrilled to suddenly discover a doggie in her bed.

Isaac lay down beside her and she hugged him and cuddled him and petted him and talked to him.  She was so happy to have him there.  A couple times a staff person walked by the room in the hallway and Millie called out to them, wanting them to come and see the dog in bed with her.  She was just so excited about it.  And none of the staff seemed to have any problem at all with the dog in bed with her, which was good.

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