Friday, July 4, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Last night was the night of the fireworks at the county fairgrounds near my home.  My apartment building is on a slight hill and there is a great view of the fireworks from the front lawn, or so I'm told.  Last year, Isaac and I stayed in the house.  He was a bit nervous during the fireworks but not too bad.  I thought this year, we'd try going outside with all our neighbors to watch.  I expected him to be a bit uncomfortable but I thought it would be manageable.

I was wrong.  Isaac had a great time waiting for the fireworks to begin because all his friends and a bunch of people he didn't know but quickly made friends with were hanging out outside.  He got plenty of pets and kisses and had a wonderful time.

Then the fireworks started.  Isaac tried to bolt.  It was all I could do to hang on to the leash.  He practically dragged me to the front door.  Once we got inside the lobby of our building, he managed to pull the leash out of my hand.  He ran to the elevator and waiting impatiently for me to get there, to push the button and for the door to open.  On the ride upstairs, he huddled against my leg, shaking.  I felt terrible that he was so scared.  Once we got upstairs, he pulled me down the hallway to our door and waited impatiently for me to unlock it.

Once we got inside, he seemed a bit better.  He lay down in a corner of the living room and I sat beside him for a minute, petting him and telling him it was OK.  I didn't want to end up reinforcing the idea that the fireworks were actually dangerous, though, so after a minute I moved to the couch and got on my laptop.

He looked tense until the fireworks ended, then seemed all right.  Cayenne, on the other hand, was already hiding under the bed when Isaac and I got back to the apartment (as I knew she would be) and she did not come out for more than an hour after they ended.  Apparently she got hungry and decided to chance it.

I felt bad that Isaac was so scared and I certainly won't take him out again to see fireworks.

However, I found it interesting, and kind of sweet, that he apparently felt his home was the safest place he could be.  He didn't just want to get in the building to hide somewhere.  He wanted to be in his house.  And while he was still nervous, he felt a lot better once he got inside the house.  I'm glad Isaac feels safe here.  I'm glad he thinks home is a place he can go to be safe.

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