Saturday, July 26, 2014

Service Dogs Are Supposed to Be Trained Not to Eat Stuff on the Floor...

Last night I had dinner with friends at this restaurant where they have buckets of peanuts on the table. Used to be, you just threw your peanut shells on the floor. Now they give you an empty bucket for the shells. Probably someone slipped and hurt themselves on all those peanut shells or something.

Anyway, while Isaac and I were waiting for our friends to arrive, the manager was telling me how someone with a service dog used to come in there all the time and the dog would eat the peanut shells on the floor. I said I had no idea what Isaac would do with peanut shells all over the floor but added that service dogs are supposed to be trained not to eat stuff on the floor.

At just that moment, Isaac spied a lone peanut on the floor and lunged for it. You know, just to demonstrate how well-trained he is.

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