Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick Update on Isaac

Isaac seems to be doing much better.  He threw up a total of 18 times, the last about 1:15 am. 

It's now nearly 4:00 pm and we are both taking it easy today.  I just fed him a quarter cup of kibble, which he is keeping down so far.  I think he was really hungry.  He spent most of the day gnawing on various bones, which is something he normally likes, but he rarely spends several hours at it in one stretch.  I think it was because he was hungry. 

He's been out to pee twice today and also pooped once and it was normal.  He's drinking.  He snuggled with me on the couch for a while this morning and he has brought his Kong to me several times.  I don't think he actually wants to play with the Kong, I think he wants me to put a treat in it for him, which I have not done. 

I am tired but much less anxious today.  I'm relieved that he seems to be doing better right now.

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