Thursday, July 17, 2014

He's Throwing Up Again

You may remember that last Friday, Isaac threw up.  Well, he threw up again today.  It was just after  noon and we'd just headed out for a walk.  It looked like the remains of his breakfast.  It worried me a bit because, although he only threw up once last Friday and has seemed fine since then, it is unusual for him to throw up.  But I hoped it would be a one-time barf, like last week.

But it wasn't.  I took him back inside and called the dog walker to cancel his afternoon run because I figured running wasn't a good idea with an upset stomach.  And then he threw up again.  Just liquid that time.  And again.

After the third time, I called the vet.  I asked if it might be a reaction to the injection he had for allergies yesterday but the vet really didn't think so. 

I am absolutely certain he didn't eat anything harmful so I didn't know what else it might be. 

The vet suggested I take his temperature.  Don't you love it when vets suggest stuff like that?

Did I post about trying to take Cayenne's temperature several months ago?  I'm pretty sure I did.  It did not work.  And after that, I threw out my thermometer because, well, although I never actually got a temp, it did at least sort of go in her butt.  I just couldn't keep it there long enough to get a reading.  It was not a good thermometer for rectal use, anyway.  It had this flexible tip, which is good for taking oral temps, I guess, it's not real hard and won't hurt your teeth if you bite it... but it's not good for sticking in tight places, if you know what I mean.

I know, ick, right?

But I went to Rite Aid to buy a new thermometer.  I am pretty sure they actually make thermometers for pets but Rite Aid does not carry these.  I got a digital one with a tip that is not flexible.  It is supposed to get a reading in 10 seconds.  I doubt I could hold Cayenne still for 10 seconds, but I figured I could probably get Isaac to cooperate for that long. 

I also bought some of those little plastic sleeves you put over the thermometer.  When I tried to take Cayenne's temp, I didn't have any of those.  I ended up cutting a finger off a latex glove and using that as a sleeve for the thermometer.

When I got home, I discovered Isaac had thrown up again. 

I did manage to take his temperature and it was normal.  He didn't seem to mind that much, really.  He didn't look thrilled about it but honestly, he looks much sadder about taking a bath.

The vet thought it would be OK to watch him through the night and call back in the morning if he's still vomiting then.

It's almost 10 pm now and he had thrown up 15 times so far.  I was getting worried about the possibility of dehydration but he has had something to drink a couple times.  And it's stayed down a while, too, but then he's ended up throwing up again.

Twice I've taken him out to potty and the second time, he not only peed but also pooped and that looked normal.  He seemed interested in going out.  He's been mostly lying down but he has followed me into the bathroom and kitchen several times, like he normally does.  Twice he's brought me his Kong, wanting me to put a treat in it, which I did not do, of course.  He certainly isn't acting normal but he is still showing some signs of interest in his usual activities.

I feel so bad for him.  He looks so sad after he throws up and I feel sad.  Several times I've sat on the floor beside him and cried.

And I feel so anxious.  I need him to be OK.  It's not like I think he's not going to be OK, he'll probably be fine... but I need him to be OK.  I need him.

I'm also tired of scrubbing my carpet, but honestly, I am a lot more concerned about Isaac feeling bad than I am about all the cleaning.


  1. He could just have a simple stomach virus. If so he'll probably be over it soon. My cat had it and we just kept her hydrated as much as possible and she felt great in a day or two. She had no fever either. Just throwing up.

    1. It probably was a virus, although he didn't have a temp, so I don't know. I thought he would probably have a temp with a virus. But I feel really certain he didn't eat anything strange. He seems OK today, though. Well, maybe he's been a bit quieter, sleeping a bit more than usual, but he's still friendly and interested in things, and he's kept a little food down.