Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dental Work Scheduled for Next Week

Tuesday I am going to have my loose tooth pulled and get a temporary bridge put in.  Then they will schedule a date to put a crown on the tooth that will support the one end of my new bridge, but my mouth will need a week or two to heal before that.  I am hoping the extraction goes easily.  It is being done by my regular dentist, I don't have to go to an oral surgeon for it.  I'm anxious, though.

This kind of thing really triggers my PTSD.  I'm worried about how much pain I might have afterward. Also, I stopped taking my turmeric in preparation for the procedure, because it can lead to excessive bleeding.  So I'll be turmeric-free for several days before the procedure, which will probably make my back pain and arthritis and stuff worse.

I am glad it will be getting done, because this tooth is really bothering me.  But I just hate to deal with the PTSD and anxiety and pain.

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