Sunday, November 23, 2014

Solving the Pot Problem

I thought I post an update about the solution to the pot problem in my apartment building.  I'm really happy with this solution, as I feel it meets the needs of my neighbor, who wants to smoke pot and not get evicted for it, and the needs of myself and other neighbors, who want to live here without being exposed to marijuana smoke on a regular basis.

The property  manager of our building had the maintenance staff install some sort of heavy-duty weather stripping around the neighbor's door, in order to make it less likely for smoke from inside the apartment to drift out into the hallway when the door is closed.  He also purchased an air purifier or air filter, something with a HEPA filter, for the neighbor's apartment.  This is not an appliance typically provided by management, so the neighbor was asked to pay for it.  However, he is being permitted to pay it off a little at a time, since he was not able to pay the full cost at once.

It seems that these steps have solved the problem, because I have not smelled pot smoke in a few weeks now.


  1. he's very lucky. here he would have been evicted no questions asked. glad they were able to remedy the situation for you. is pot smoking legal there?

    1. No, it's not legal here. But apparently evicting someone for drug use can be tricky, at least here. What the property manager was told by the real estate company's attorney was that if the tenant denied smoking pot, unless there was clear evidence he was, a judge probably would not uphold an eviction. Apparently the fact that many other tenants in the building smell the pot is not clear evidence, nor if the fact that the guy verbally admitted it to the property manager. He could just say the pot we smell is not coming from his apartment and that he did not admit it to the property manager and probably a judge wouldn't uphold an eviction. I think it's ridiculous but there it is. Anyway, the problem is solved and I'm fine with the solution. It's not like I want this guy to become homeless.