Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dining at Chipotle

Today I met a friend for lunch at Chipotle.  Afterward, we went for a walk with Isaac.

Chipotle was busy and there were a lot of small kids running around.  Isaac is so good at ignoring noisy kids.  This isn't the best picture, but I was trying to snap the shot without disturbing him so he wouldn't get up and ruin the picture.  He was lying quietly under the table, head down, ignoring the noisy little kids.

He heard me snapping the shot so he lifted up his head.  He was still behaving, though.  Just making eyes at a little girl that was making eyes at him.

When we go to this particular Chipotle, I take a towel for Isaac to lie on.  They have a concrete floor that he doesn't really like to lie on.  He will lie on it but he fidgets and stands up kind of a lot.  He just does better when I take a towel for him.

In most businesses, he's happy without anything to lie on.  He loves the floor at our local Subway, which is hard tile.

When we were done eating and got up to go, Isaac picked up the towel for me.  Good boy!

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