Sunday, November 30, 2014

More on the Parking Wars

Thus far, I've spoken with four UPS employees who tell me it is their policy for drivers to park in handicap parking spaces - one employee at my local UPS service center, the manager at my local UPS service center, a customer service agent answering the 800-PICK-UPS customer service number and a supervisor at that number.

Now, a couple UPS employees on the UPS Facebook page tell me that is not their policy and an employee named Christine that responded to some of the emails I sent to also says that is not their policy.

I think it must be their policy, though, since four different employees admitted that it is and so many drivers so frequently park in handicap spots.

I asked, both on the UPS Facebook page and in an email to, why, if it is not their policy, so many employees say it is and so many drivers park in those spots on a regular basis.  I also asked what UPS is doing to educate employees about their policy and to stop drivers from parking in those spots.  I haven't received a response, though.

Well, I kinda did.  They had the manager from my local service center call me to answer my questions.  Only all he did was tell me it is their policy to park in handicap spots.

After which I again posted my questions on Facebook and again emailed them to, but I have not yet received any response at all.

If you've got a minute, consider emailing them yourself or posting on their Facebook page to express your concerns about this illegal and unethical policy.

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