Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh Yeah, It's Winter

There is this particular spot in front of my building where Isaac loves to roll in the grass. I dunno why. Looks the same as the grass everywhere else around my building but this is his preferred spot for a roll. Well, I guess he forgot that the ground is covered with snow, because when I took him out this evening, he immediately plopped down in his spot and started to roll. Then realized he was rolling in snow, not grass. Duh. He looked confused, then annoyed, heaved this big sigh, got up and shook himself off. Silly dog.


  1. Have you ever seen a cat walking in the snow? They take a step. lift their paw, shake off the snow, lift another paw, repeat same. They get quite indignant about it! Two or three minutes then time to go back inside and take a nap!

    1. Yes, it's hilarious! Like they don't realize they are just going to be putting that foot back down in the snow again.

    2. Cats do not like snow! Or rain!

    3. Yeah. My cats used to go to the door wanting out, then I'd open it and they'd see it was snowing or raining and they'd get really mad.