Sunday, November 2, 2014

Isaac's Pillow

Isaac has his own pillow. 

It used to be mine.  I gave it to him after he stole it from me too many times and then drooled all over it in his sleep.

Cayenne used to have her own pillow, too.  Hers also used to be mine and I gave it to her after she peed on it twice.  Way to steal a pillow.  Now Cayenne's pillow is on my bed and Isaac sleeps on it sometimes, too.  But he prefers his own pillow.

I bought myself a new pillow.  One that has not been drooled on by anyone other than myself and has not been peed on by anyone (not even myself).

Isaac had some interest in my new pillow, though.  So then I came up with an idea.  I like to change my pillowcase once a week when I do laundry.  But instead of putting it in the wash, I started putting my used pillowcase on Isaac's pillow.  I put his old pillowcase in the wash and put a clean pillowcase on my pillow.  Isaac loves sleeping on my used pillowcase.  Smells like me, I guess, and he likes that.  I think it's sweet.

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