Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stuck Inside So We're Doing Some Training

The last few days it's been bitterly cold.  The high today was supposed to be 33, although I'm not sure if it ever got there or not, but it's been very windy, so with the wind chill I think it was supposed to feel like 7 or something like that.  Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 25 but the wind chill is supposed to be all of 1.  Now, I do plan to bundle up in layers and get outside for a hike with Isaac as much as I can, but not when it's extremely windy and feels like it's 1 degree outside.

So I've decided Isaac and I would entertain ourselves by doing some training.  Keep in mind, Isaac thinks training is fun.  We make it like a game, he gets to earn praise and treats, and he gets to do tasks that he enjoys.  It's not work for him.  We also do training in short bursts so he doesn't get bored with it.  In fact, he would usually be happy to do more.

A couple of the things we're working on are things he already knows, or has already learned, to do, but that we haven't practiced much so he needs a refresher course so he gets better at it.  One of those things is pushing the button to call the elevator.  He pushes it with his nose.  Another is raising the lid to the toilet for me (I know that sounds odd but when my back is really bad, it is really difficult to bend over just the little bit needed to lift that lid).  He actually lifts both the lid and the seat together with his nose, then I grab the lid and let the seat fall back down.

Another thing I want to teach Isaac to do is to provide deep pressure therapy (sometimes referred to as DPT) for me.  I'll post more about that later.  But we started working on that yesterday.

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