Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Issue with Neighbor

I don't think any of my neighbors read this blog.  I don't think they even know I have a blog.  Many of my neighbors don't even have internet service.  I try to be mindful about what I write here, though, because I never know who might find my blog.  So I haven't written about this problem before but I don't think the neighbor in question will ever read it and I will respect his privacy but not using any names or identifying information.

So I have this neighbor.  Isaac loves him.  He loves Isaac.  He's not a close friend or anything but I think he's a pretty good guy.

But he smokes a lot of pot.  I know this because the hallway often reeks of marijuana smoke and it's easy to tell which apartment it's coming from.  Several of my other neighbors have also noticed it and mentioned it to me and complained about it to the property manager.

Now, I don't care if someone smokes pot.  I think it should probably be legal.  But it's not legal here.  And while I don't care if someone else smokes it, I don't want to smoke it or be exposed to secondhand pot smoke myself.  And I don't want my dog to be exposed to pot smoke.

Those are things I've thought about very carefully.  A few people have suggested medical marijuana (which is also not legal where I live) as a treatment for my fibromyalgia pain.  And I have considered it, despite the fact that it's not legal right now.  And I've decided against it for several reasons, not only the legal issues, but other factors.  While there is evidence that it helps with pain (and back when I used to work for a hospice, I had a few clients that used it for pain and nausea and it certainly seemed effective for them), there isn't enough evidence about how much to use and since it would have to be purchased illegally, there are no kind of regulations about dosage or safety or anything like that.  Also I can't find much information about how it might interact with certain medications I am on and it's not something any of my doctors know much about (or they won't provide information about it if they do know and they won't recommend it or condone its use).  And some sources say it might increase flashbacks in people with PTSD and I am concerned about that.  So it is something that I have made an informed choice to avoid at this time.

I also did some research about the effects of exposure to marijuana on dogs.  It can be harmful to them.  Probably the brief exposure Isaac has when walking down the hallway in our apartment building isn't enough to cause any serious problems, but it's not healthy for him and I don't want him to be exposed to it.

So I don't care one bit if one of my neighbors wants to smoke it.  I just want them to confine the smoke to their apartments.  Which this guy does not do.  So I assume he must be smoking a lot of it, for it to be so obvious in the hallway.

I have complained to the property manager multiple times.  I've been complaining about it since July of last year.  So for about 15 months.  Finally, just now, the neighbor in question has been given an eviction notice.

The neighbor has deduced that I am one of the people that have complained about his pot use.  I'm not sure how he deduced that but he has.  He's also sort of paranoid and is talking about how everyone is trying to get him in trouble and everybody is "out to get him."

I actually don't want to get him in trouble.  I wish he would stop smoking so much pot, or smoke it somewhere else, so he could live here but not expose me and my service dog to his pot smoke.  I had suggested to the property manager that he suggest to the neighbor that maybe he could open the window and blow the smoke outside or maybe he could smoke in his bathroom with the exhaust fan on or something.  And it is my understanding that the property manager did in fact suggest that.  But apparently the neighbor doesn't want to do that for whatever reason.  I also suggested the property manager offer the neighbor a list of local Narcotics Anonymous meetings, in case he wants to stop smoking pot.  I'm not sure if the property manager actually did that or not.  But my point is, I didn't want the guy to get in trouble.  I just wanted him to stop exposing me and my dog to pot smoke.

But now the neighbor is mad at me, I guess.  The property manager called me a little while ago to let me know that.  He said he didn't think the neighbor would bother me or anything, but if he does, or if he makes any threats or anything, to please let him know right away.  Which is a little scary.

For one thing, I don't think this guy is real stable.  For another thing, I happen to know that two weeks ago, he went into another neighbor's apartment without permission and... well, it's sort of a long story, but to make it short, I was told by someone (and I'm not saying who) that an employee of the apartment complex witnessed this neighbor coming down the back stairs, like he was being sneaky, and he opened another neighbor's door (which apparently she had left unlocked, she was home at the time) and let her dog out into the hallway.  He then ran back up the back stairs, so she wouldn't know who opened her door and let her dog out.

How weird is that?  It's creepy, right?  It creeps me out.

So now I feel a bit nervous about the whole thing.


  1. This guy is creepy. Sounds paranoid to me! But I think you are over reacting to the whole whole second-hand pot smoke thing! When my fiance and I smoke, I burn incense to disguise the smell and open a window!

    1. Well, he apparently doesn't open a window and he doesn't do anything to disguise the smell. The hallway reeks of it and I shouldn't have to walk through that multiple times a day.

    2. OK, I know this is semi-rude. But you need to get over yourself!

    3. I don't really know what you mean. Do you want to elaborate?

    4. Absolutely, first of all you over-reacted to being exposed to second-hand pot smoke and you also said it should be legal. That is a fairly contradictory viewpoint to express, don't you think?

    5. "So I have this neighbor. Isaac loves him. He loves Isaac. He's not a close friend or anything but I think he's a pretty good guy.

      Now, I don't care if someone smokes pot. I think it should probably be legal."

      I start by quoting your own words to point out the complete lack of logic in your objection. If it should be legal, why do you object to someone smoking it? You can't have it both ways, legal, but not OK for you to have inhale second-hand pot smoke.

      That is not a realistic objection.

    6. No, I don't think it's contradictory. I think pot should be legal AND I think people should smoke it in a place/manner that doesn't expose people to it that don't want to be exposed to it. Just like I think alcohol should be legal but I don't think I should be forced to drink it. There are many things I think should be legal that I chose not to expose myself to. I think eating meat should be legal but I chose not to eat it. I don't think my neighbor should be able to force me to eat meat. I don't think he should smoke pot in such a manner that I am forced to inhale his pot smoke.

  2. Yes, that comment was rude. I don't want to smell pot either, just like I don't want to smell cigarette smoke from my neighbors. It stinks!

    1. I agree. I don't want to have to inhale second hand cigarette smoke when I walk down the hall of my building, either. I think tobacco should be legal, but I don't think I should have to inhale its smoke.