Thursday, October 9, 2014

Diggity Dog

Yesterday I took Isaac to a dog park near our hotel so he could run around off leash for a while.  He was disappointed that there were no other dogs there.  He really wanted someone to play with.  He thinks it is a lot more fun to run around when there is someone to chase or someone to chase him.

However, there was one thing he liked a lot about this dog park.  Instead of grass, most of the park was covered with mulch.  Most dog parks have a no digging rule, but it was apparent that one or more dogs had been digging a lot here.  There were multiple holes and Isaac investigated them all.  He found two that he either really liked or that he thought were not adequately finished, I'm not sure which, but he felt he needed to improve upon them.

So he dug.  And dug.  And dug.

Here is the finished product.  He was quite satisfied with himself, the diggity dog.

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