Sunday, October 12, 2014

He's Ignoring You

Today at Panera, I was getting my iced tea when an elderly gentleman began making silly noises at Isaac.  Isaac was doing a great job ignoring the man.  The man bent nearly double, so that his face was as close as he could get it to Isaac's face, and continued making silly noises.  Isaac continued to ignore the man, as did I.

Finally the man straightened up and said to me, "I guess he doesn't hear me, huh?"

I said, "Oh, he hears you.  But he is not supposed to socialize with people when he's working.  He is ignoring you."

The man looked surprised, then said, "I guess I need to be ignored sometimes."

I resisted the urge to agree enthusiastically with him.

He then began to pet Isaac on the head, apparently ignoring the "Please Do Not Pet Me, I'm Working" patch on Isaac's vest.


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