Wednesday, October 29, 2014

At Least There is a Little Good News

The dentist said my bridge absolutely should not have cracked and that the company that makes it should pay for a replacement. 

He just kept looking at my mouth and shaking his head.  It's never good when a medical professional does that.

He thinks the root of the loose tooth, the one with the crown, is probably fractured.  It is going to have to be pulled.  Which is bad news. 

But he thinks the company that made the bridge should pay for all related costs of repairing my mouth, so they should pay to pull that tooth and to make a bigger bridge, not just to make a duplicate of the one that has cracked.  He said he needs to call the company and talk to a supervisor and they are on the west coast so he couldn't do that while I was at his office, but he said his office would be calling me in a day or two to schedule stuff once he gets the OK from the bridge company.

I feel very relieved that I am not going to have to pay for all of this.  That at least makes it easier to deal with.

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