Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Dental Problems

And I am having more dental problems.  Or continuing dental problems, I guess.

My gum never returned to normal, although it finally did get kind of close to normal.  It took forever to heal from the biopsy and remains slightly sore and swollen to this day.  I think that biopsy was, what, three months ago?

Well, there were two teeth, one with a crown on it that is attached to my bridge, and the one next to it, that were somewhat loose.  And the one without a crown is now barely loose.  It seems to have improved.  But the one with a crown? 

Well, early this morning, my bridge cracked.  I think it cracked because the tooth attached to it has been wiggly for so many months.  I think that created stress on the bridge and it finally cracked.

And now the tooth with a crown on it is super, super loose.  Like it feels like it could just fall out.  Not just the crown falling off, but the whole tooth falling out.

So I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.  I am not looking forward to it.  I'm afraid I'm going to be told I need a new bridge, which of course I cannot afford.  I'm afraid they are still not going to be able to figure out what's causing the problem with my gum.  I've pretty much given up on getting an answer to that.  But that means they don't know how to treat it, either.  I'm afraid they're going to do something that hurts.  It hurts now.  I'm afraid they're going to tell me the tooth needs to be pulled and I'm afraid that will be expensive and that I won't be able to get anyone to go with me so I won't be able to be sedated for it even though the oral surgeon recommended I be sedated and I'm afraid it will hurt.  I'm afraid I won't be able to get pain medication if I need it.

I'm trying not to be afraid tonight.  I don't need to worry about it tonight.  There's nothing I can do about it tonight and I don't need to worry about it until tomorrow.  But I'm anxious.  And I am so tired of dental problems.


  1. Kelly, do you have medicaid by chance? There is medicaid transportation that will pick you up and deliver you to the dr and pick you up and take you home again. You just have to schedule the ride at least two days before your appt. I wish medicare had the same program. You can get thru this, and you will. You are truly stronger than you know! I wish I were closer and could offer to go with you but Texas, where I am, is a bit too far.

    1. I have Medicaid BUT I have a Spend down of $342. Which I would meet if I have to have two teeth pulled. BUT Medicaid in my state covers very little dental stuff and they won't cover this. And you can't use the Medicaid transportation unless it's for an appointment covered by Medicaid. Plus, the oral surgeon was insisting I have someone with me that would stay with me for 24 hours after the appointment if I was sedated. Which, even if I can get someone to drive me for the appointment, there is no way I can get someone to stay with me for 24 hours. But I was just gonna lie and tell the surgeon they would. When I had a breast biopsy done, the surgeon didn't insist someone stay with me for 24 hours. I did have someone drive me there and home, but she left maybe 30 minutes after I got home. I was fine. And the surgeon was OK with that. So I don't see why it should be necessary to have someone with me for 24 hours after oral surgery. But anyway, the oral surgeon wouldn't do it if Medicaid transportation was driving me or if I was taking a cab or something.

      I'm sure it will work out. It's just frustrating.

      And yeah... Texas is just a little bit far.