Friday, October 3, 2014

Every Time It Rains

Isaac: I want to go out. Come on, let's go out and pee!

Me: It's raining. You don't like to go out in the rain.

Isaac: But maybe it's not raining downstairs. We live upstairs. I bet it's not raining downstairs. Come on, come on, I wanna go!

Me: It's raining everywhere, silly dog. You won't like it.

Isaac: Yes I will! Come on come on come on, I wanna go out and pee.

So I put on my jacket and shoes, and put on Isaac's collar and leash, and we go downstairs. Isaac starts to walk outside, then stops short.

Isaac: Oh. It's raining out there. I mean it's really wet. I don't like that. I don't like peeing in the rain. I changed my mind. I don't need to pee.


  1. I used to have cats. They hated the rain and would go to the front door, mew to go out, when they discovered it was raining, they decided that going out was a BAD IDEA, go to the back door, discover it was also raining in the back and get QUITE HUFFY about it, and use their go-to option, and take a nap!

    1. My cats did the same thing. Also, in the winter, they would cry at the door every 15 minutes. Like maybe the snow melted and summer arrived in the 15 minutes since I last opened the door for them. One of them, Indigo, would get quite mad, as if it was my fault it was raining or cold out, and swat my ankles with her claws. She was very rude.

    2. One of my kitties was absolutely side-splitting laughter inducing in how she walked in the snow! She would a step, raise her paw and shake the snow off, repeat same with all four paws, then after about five minutes want to come back inside and take a nap!