Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Samhain!

Samhain, if you don't know, is a pagan holiday that falls on October 31.  It's pronounced "sow-en," not "sam-hane."  It's a time to celebrate our ancestors, sort of the like Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico.  It's a time when the veil between the living and the dead, between this world and the Otherworld, is said to thin.  It's a time to converse with the dead.  It's also a time to celebrate the darkness, which isn't evil but is primal, fertile, like the womb.

I am doing some housecleaning this morning, then I am going to bake pumpkin cranberry bread, roast pumpkin seeds and make Isaac some pumpkin peanut butter treats.  Later, I will talk to the dead, to my grandparents, to Mike's dad, to a friend of mine that died nearly 20 years ago.  I will put Cayenne's ashes in the little cloth bag I sewed for her and put that into the urn with the ashes of her kitty friend Eileen that died eight years ago.  I will talk to Cayenne and Eileen.  After that, I will deliver some pumpkin peanut butter treats to two of my neighbors that have dogs (Isaac is going to have to share) and leave an offering of pumpkin cranberry bread outside under a pine tree.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Samhain!

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