Friday, October 3, 2014

Do You Ever Wish You Weren't Disabled?

I read this post today at Rolling Around in My Head (excellent blog to follow, by the way) and it got me thinking.

Of course I wish I wasn't disabled.  But I feel I need to elaborate on that.  What I wish is that I didn't have pain - who wants to be in pain?  I wish I didn't have nightmares - who likes having nightmares?  I wish I was able to work, like at a regular job, because I really liked my job when I was a social worker and I still miss it more than 11 years later.  I wish I did not need to rely on SSDI - who likes being poor?  I mean, I don't need or want a lot of money but I wish I didn't struggle to buy food by the end of the month most months.

But do I wish I didn't have DID?  Nah, not really.  I don't mind having DID.  Sometimes it's... complicated or difficult, but sometimes it comes in pretty handy and sometimes it's even sort of fun.  Do I wish I didn't need a service dog?  Not really.  I like my service dog.

So there are parts of my disability I don't like and wish were different.  But that doesn't mean I dislike myself or that I think being disabled is bad.

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