Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bad Doggie

Everyone has an off night once in a while, right?


Well, tonight I went to Pizza Hut for dinner with a friend and Isaac was really restless.  Then he started barking in the restaurant.  He has not done that in forever.  I had to take him outside, run him through a little obedience drill (just telling him to sit, lie down, sit, give me his paw, sit, etc), then take him back inside and try again.  He managed to get through the rest of the meal but I had to tell him several times to put his head down.

Then after we got home, I was playing with him and we both went to grab a toy at the same time and his tooth hit that really tender skin between my thumb and forefinger.  It wasn't a bite, didn't break the skin or leave a tooth mark or anything, and he didn't mean to hurt me.  But it hurt.  I put ice on it immediately but it is still bruised and swollen and really sore. 

And Isaac is supposed to make sure his teeth do not touch skin.  And he knows that.  The game ended immediately, which is is what happens when he makes a mistake like that.  He knew I was upset with him.  This has happened a few times before but not this badly.  I mean, it didn't hurt this badly.  And I normally don't get that upset, because it doesn't hurt that much, I just end the play immediately because that's what happens when he's not careful with his teeth.

But my hand is really sore now.

We have since made up and Isaac has been forgiven.  He's not really a bad dog, not at all.  But it was a really bad night.

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