Sunday, December 7, 2014

Medical Stuff

So I've been having some stomach issues for the past month or so.  Probably a little longer.  Some heartburn, some pain, mostly after I eat, and some nausea.  Not all the time, not even every day, but almost every day.  And not every time I eat, but maybe half the time.  It usually passes in less than an hour but it's unpleasant and seems to be getting worse, not better.

I'm worried it might be an ulcer.  But it could be something else.  I went to the doctor Friday, hoping for something like gastritis.

He didn't seem to think that was it.  He ordered some labs, at least most of which I expect to come back normal because I had labs done less than six months ago and they were all fine then.  But one of the things he is checking is my liver function and I guess it's possible that could be off.

He also ordered an abdominal x-ray.  I think he's looking for liver problems.  I'm thinking an upper GI x-ray might have been a better thing to do, but I'm going with what he suggests to start with.

I'm also taking omeprazole to reduce stomach acid, but it doesn't seem to be having much of an effect so far.

Anyway, tomorrow I am planning to go get the labs and x-ray done.  I'm worried that it might be an ulcer due to the turmeric I take to reduce inflammation (because I can't take NSAIDS due to my gastric bypass, and I think it's really helped my back pain and I would hate to have to stop taking it) and/or the glucosamine I take for my fibro and arthritis.  An ulcer would suck for many reasons, including the fact that it would probably mean I'd have to stop the turmeric and maybe the glucosamine, and to diagnosis it for certain I'd probably have to have an endoscopy and that's something I'd have to get someone to drive me for because they sedate you for it, and even then it might not be possible to diagnose it because I could have an ulcer in my "blind stomach" which is stapled off due to my gastric bypass and you can't scope that, and...

Well, it would just suck.  I need it to not be an ulcer.  Of course, something wrong with my liver would suck, too.

I'd like it to just go away, whatever it is.  But since it's been over a month, I guess it's not going to just go away by itself.


  1. Hope you feel better soon! If it were an ulcer then it'd be easier to heal than liver troubles. Liver troubles scare me, I take lots of tylenol for pain. I can't do nsaids either for the same reason. Saying a prayer for you if it's ok. Take care.

    1. An ulcer probably is better than liver trouble. I guess I just think it's a lot more likely to be an ulcer so I am not so worried about my liver, at least not yet. I do use Tylenol for pain sometimes, since I can't take NSAIDS, but not that often because to be honest, Tylenol doesn't do much for me with many types of pain. It helps with a headache - a normal headache, not a migraine. If I am sick and have a fever and am kind of achy, it helps. But it doesn't do anything for my fibro or arthritis or some other types of pain, so I don't take it super often.