Friday, December 19, 2014

School Punishes Blind Student by Taking Away His Cane

This has nothing to do with service dogs, but it's an example of the type of discrimination and mistreatment of people with disabilities that, unfortunately, is not uncommon.

This article tells about how the school took away the child's cane for punishment and replaced it with a pool noodle, which of course is not a substitute for a long cane.  They send the child home with the pool noodle, keeping his cane.

Do you understand that this would be like blindfolding a sighted child for punishment?  And then sending home that child still blindfolded, with a blindfold that could not be removed until he returned to school the next day.  Unless the child had an extra cane at home, which is possible.  The article didn't say.  But still.  How would you feel if your kid came home from school wearing a blindfold?

I can't imagine how any school employee would ever think this was OK.

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