Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Party

Today Isaac and I attended the Christmas party for everyone that lives in our apartment building.

Look, I made applesauce bread.  From scratch.  With homemade applesauce I canned a few months ago, made from organic local apples.  How awesome is that?

I put walnuts and raisins in it.  Next year I plan to gather and cure black walnuts, which grow all over the place around here.  Then I can put local organic walnuts in my applesauce bread.  How awesome will that be?

Isaac did pretty well at the party.  It was hard for him.  He loves many of our neighbors and is used to being allowed to socialize with them.  It was hard for him to be in work mode around them.  They were all really good about not engaging him while he was working, though.

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