Monday, December 8, 2014

Visit to the Hospital

I had to go to the local hospital today for some blood work and x-rays. Isaac was really good. He's been there with me before for lab work and he thinks it's pretty boring. He just lies down on the floor and dozes while the phlebotomist draws my blood.

I don't get x-rays as often as I get blood work, naturally, and this was the first time Isaac has gone to the hospital with me for x-rays. One of the x-ray techs offered to hold his leash right outside the room where they were taking the x-ray for me so he wouldn't be exposed to the radiation. I realize hospital staff aren't required to do that and had planned to put him in a down stay in the corner behind the shield thing where the tech taking the x-ray would stand. I had thought about it in advance and had a plan.

But the tech seemed to want to hold the leash and I thought that was an even better plan, so I said OK. I noticed she looked a bit disappointed as I handed her the leash and she said "I'm not allowed to pet him, am I?" 

I told her if she was holding his leash, she could pet him if she wanted to but warned her that he would be very friendly and she might get some kisses. She seemed very happy to hear that and did indeed get some kisses. 

As we were leaving, the tech said "It's nice to have a well-behaved dog in here!" I wonder if that means they see some poorly-behaved "service dogs" often?

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