Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Churches and the ADA

I was thinking of going to a midnight mass tomorrow, just 'cause I think it would be neat. I am not Catholic but I still think I would enjoy it.

Well, I live in the middle of nowhere and there are two Catholic churches within a reasonable driving distance that are holding midnight mass. There are a few other Catholic churches around, they just aren't holding midnight mass, according to their websites.

I tried to call both of the ones holding midnight mass this afternoon to find out if I can bring my service dog, but no one was in the office at either church. I can try again tomorrow but if I can't reach anyone, then I just won't go. I really wish churches were required to comply with the ADA, but since they aren't, it would come in handy if they included information on their websites about whether or not they do.

Of the people I know that have service dogs and go to church, I would guess at least 25% go to a church where they are not allowed to take their service dog. And I know others that found a new church when their old church told them their service dog was not welcome. 
However, I also know a couple people that were given permission to by their clergy to bring emotional support animals to church, which are not usually allowed in public places the way service dogs are, under the ADA. Some churches are really, really accommodating. But others are not at all.
If you go to church (or synagogue or mosque or whatever), do you know if your place of worship would welcome someone with a service dog? If you don't know, how about finding out and letting me know?

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  1. I know that my church here in Ottawa, Canada allows service dogs (as well as service dogs in training) into the church. I would try to get into contact with both churches again. They usually are not in the offices until noon most days :) hope you get the information you need!