Monday, December 15, 2014

Because I Miss My Pretty Kitty Today

I wish I could pet that fluffy little belly again.


  1. Get another kitty!

    1. I've thought about it. But another kitty wouldn't be the same as Cayenne, of course. And I'm not really sure if it's even an option. I'm not sure I can really afford it. I mean, I was affording Cayenne, but it was difficult. Also, my apartment building has a one pet rule. Now, technically a service dog isn't a pet, but I didn't want to try to argue that with the landlord. I was able to have Cayenne by having my doctor write something stating she was an emotional support animal and that I'd had her for 13 years and it would be detrimental to my mental health to have to rehome her. So it was considered a reasonable accommodation to allow me to have her here even though I also had Isaac. But it might not be considered as reasonable to allow me to get a new cat. Even though I might like a cat, a service dog provides pretty much all the benefits of a pet, so I'm not sure it would be considered reasonable to ask them to make an exception and allow me to have both my service dog and a pet cat.

    2. Good point. I intend to get a cat kin March or April from the local shelter! THAT WILL ONE PAMPERED, INDULGED, INDOOR, CAT!