Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Doggie Bed

I made Isaac a new doggie bed. It's a piece of an old comforter, covered with soft cozy fleece. It's about 24 inches by 30 inches.

Isaac was enjoying it but apparently I woke him up and really disturbed him by taking his picture. That is his "Why oh why are bothering me when I am sleepy?" face.

I made the bed to take when we go camping.  I wanted him to have a comfy place to sleep in the tent.  And it folds up small enough to be easy to pack and it's washable.  The fleece cover comes off if I just need to wash that or I can wash the whole thing if necessary.

I decided to get it out and let him lie on it some around the house, though, so it will smell like home and be familiar to him when we go camping.

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