Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Prettiest Eyes

Isaac had his eye exam today and the ophthalmologist declared he has the prettiest eyes ever.  She also declared he has perfectly healthy eyes.  The dilation of his pupils did not seem to bother him at all the the vet said usually it doesn't, that dogs might squint a little if they are out in very bright sunlight but otherwise they usually seem fine.  It was a gray cloudy day today and Isaac didn't seem bothered by the light or any vision problems at all.

He was also examined by an orthopedic vet, who proclaimed his joints very healthy.

Isaac loved everyone and had a great time except when his temperature was taken.  He seemed rather offended by that, but he forgave the vet as soon as she was done and decided he loved her anyway.

We were given a goodie bag with a yummy dental chew and he enjoyed that in the van before we were even out of the parking lot.

I think it's great that they do these exams free for service dogs and we plan to go again next year.

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