Monday, May 11, 2015

The King of Down Stays

Isaac is now the king of long down stays.

Today I had an appointment at the car place to get my A/C in my new van charged and to get new rear tires.  Of course, because the Universe sometimes hates me or else just has a perverse sense of humor, the A/C turned out to need more than just charged.  It needs a part, a part which apparently is difficult to locate.  It's all going to turn out OK, I can afford the part and I am actually hoping to get a small refund back from the guy I bought the van from because the A/C was supposed to be working but none of that is the point of this post and anyway it is all going to be OK.

But.  It meant Isaac and I ended up spending a loooonnnngggg time at the car place waiting while the  manager tracked down the hard-to-find part and arranged to have it delivered tomorrow.  This dude rocks, by the way.  It literally took him 90 minutes of making phone calls to arrange this.  So all in all, Isaac and I were in the car place for about two and a half hours and Isaac did great.  He sprawled out (but out of the way) on the cool tile floor and just rested and dozed and did fantastic.

I have now dubbed him the king of down stays.

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