Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Had a Tooth Pulled Today

I had a tooth pulled today and I got the dentist to prescribe me some Tylenol with codeine. I'm not sure why I have been having such good luck with doctors lately. Usually around here it is extremely difficult to get any type of pain meds. But a few days ago I got a muscle relaxer and now I have Tylenol 3.

And it is working wonderfully. Unlike last time I had a tooth pulled, I am having no pain at all. I'm sleepy and getting ready to lie down for another nap. Whiskers is pleased with all day napping. But my mouth does not hurt one bit.

Isaac was great during the appointment.  I had to have an x-ray taken and he did a perfect down stay in the hall outside the door (which was left open), even though there were people walking around in the hallway.

It was a lovely day today and I am sure Isaac would have enjoyed a walk.  But I gave him a new beef knuckle bone to entertain him.  Whiskers finds napping on the couch with me entertainment enough.

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