Sunday, December 27, 2015

Please Microchip Your Pets

I so wish people would microchip their pets.

I just picked up a dog on the side of the road. He was soaking wet, very dirty and his fur was very matted. He was very friendly, though, came right to me when I called him and was happy to hop in my van.

He had on a collar but no tags. I drove to the nearest house to see if he lived there or if they knew where he belonged, but no one was home.

We were about half a mile from the county animal shelter, so I drove over there so they could scan him for a chip but of course he didn't have one. So I left him there and they will try to find his owner or else to find him a home. 

It seems obvious he belongs somewhere because he is so friendly and is used to riding in a car and also walks nicely on a leash. If only he had a microchip, he might be back home already instead of at the shelter. 

Microchips are not expensive and it is a simple procedure.  They are injected, like giving a vaccine.  I saw Whiskers get hers and it didn't appear painful at all.  They are the best way to make sure a lost pet gets back home.  Of course a dog should have tags, too, but those can get lost.  A microchip can't.

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