Saturday, December 12, 2015

Interesting Aromas

Isaac and I met the nicest little boy at the library today. He was about five. We were leaving at the same time he and his mother were leaving, and he hurried to hold open the door for us.

He asked if he could pet Isaac and his mom told him no, because that is a service dog, and I said it would be OK to pet Isaac if it was OK with his mom, and thanked him for asking. So Isaac and the little boy said hello very nicely.

Then Isaac wanted to stop to sniff a brick column and the boy told him, "That's just a load of bricks."

I said, "Apparently it smells very interesting."

So the little boy bent down next to Isaac so he could smell the bricks, too. And he agreed it did in fact have an interesting smell.

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  1. Hello Kelly, Issac and Wiskers,
    Thank you for sharing, you are the greatest ambassadors for all of those who have service dogs and or are in the process of acquiring a service dog.