Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Perks for Being Disabled

Blogger allows me to see search terms people used to find my blog.  Someone recently landed here after searching for "perks for being disabled."  Oh, sure, there are so many perks, including the fact that I get to take my dog everywhere!

Yesterday I was talking to someone about the different tasks Isaac does for me and explaining how I think the most important task is getting my medication when I start to have an anxiety attack.  I said that there are other ways I could accomplish some of the other things Isaac does for me, if I had to, like using one of those long grabber things to pick things up and installing one of those clapper things so I could turn on lights from a distance by clapping my hands. 

She said, "Those things are expensive, though.  And if you're on disability..."

I said, "Service dogs are expensive, too!  More expensive than a grabber and a clapper." 

Oh, but with a service dog, I get the perk of taking my dog everywhere with  me.

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