Friday, January 2, 2015

All in a Day's Work

Today at Chipotle: one customer asked if Isaac was a therapy dog, a little kid wanted to know why there was a dog in the restaurant and why he was wearing a vest, and another customer shouted from across the restaurant "Hey Doggie!"

Then at Meijer: the greeter bent over nearly double to look Isaac in the eyes and greet him by wishing him a good day, a little kid literally jumped up and down while shouting "Mom! Mom! Mom! Look look look! See the doggie! See him!", a little girl about three turned around to look at Isaac and waved at him as she and her mom walked past, an elderly lady almost ran into another customer because she was so busy looking at Isaac and not looking at where she was going, and I lost count of the people that went "Awwww" when they saw him.

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