Thursday, January 22, 2015

Those Toenails!

A couple days ago, I was lying on the floor with Isaac, working on DPT (deep pressure therapy).  I am working on having Isaac lie on top of me, all stretched out.  This is something we would only do at home, I'm not going to lie on the floor in the grocery store or a restaurant and have my dog lie on top of me.  But it applies warmth and pressure and relieves anxiety and helps with some types of pain and muscle spasms.

Well, lying still is not exactly Isaac's forte, not yet.  We are working on it.

But he was doing well.  I was surprised, actually.  And then he rolled off me, but stayed all stretched out along my side for a bit, and enjoyed a belly rub.

And then I guess he decided he'd had enough and it was time to jump up and play.  So he rolled to his feet very quickly and gave himself a little push - a push with one front paw right on my face!

Stung, too!

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