Monday, January 12, 2015

Seeing My Primary Care Physician Today

I have an appointment this afternoon with my primary care physician for a pap test and breast exam and all that annual woman stuff.  I do that with my PCP because there's no need to see a specialist like a gynecologist for it and my PCP charges less and I know and like him.  Why see another doctor that I'd only see once a year and might not be as comfortable with?  Although I'd probably see a midwife instead for that stuff if there was one nearby.

I hate these appointments.  Who likes them?  But I really don't like them.  And I don't always do them annually like you're supposed to, but I do them as close to annually as I can bring myself to do.

Isaac will be going with me today.  He hasn't been to one of these appointments before.  But he's gone to so many  medical appointments lately, including the dentist, the periodontist, the oral surgeon, my PCP for other stuff, my rheumatologist, my psychiatrist, and the acupuncturist... he should be fine.  And I will feel better having him there.

Normally at medical appointments, I keep a hold of Isaac's leash.  But I'm thinking that may be kind of hard to do while I'm on the table having a gynecological exam.  I may just have Isaac do a down stay in the corner of the room instead.

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