Monday, January 12, 2015

Cold Doggie Vest

It's been very cold here for days.  Well, yesterday it got up to 30 degrees but prior to that, the highs had been something like 14 degrees.  The day I had my first acupuncture appointment, it was five below zero when Isaac and I left the house.

I normally keep Isaac's service dog vest in the car.  He never wears it in the house and by keeping it in the car, I make sure I always have it when I need it.  If I take it in the house, I'm likely to forget to take it with me when I leave to go somewhere.

Well, that really cold morning, I drove to my appointment with the heat in the car blasting.  Thirty minutes later, we arrived.  I went to put Isaac's vest on him and realized it was ice cold.  Despite being in the car with the heat blasting for 30 minutes, it was ice cold.  I didn't feel OK putting it on him when it was ice cold, so I sat in the parking lot in the car for several minutes, holding the vest up to the vent, with the heat blasting on it until it warmed up.

The vest is now staying in the house until the weather warms up.

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