Sunday, January 25, 2015

But Don't Worry, It's Nothing Serious...

So when someone from the mammography department of the hospital where you had your mammogram calls you on a Sunday afternoon to ask you to come in the next day for more tests, and then tells you not to worry, it's most likely nothing serious.... well, do they typically call people on a Sunday afternoon to schedule a test for the very next day for things that are not at all serious?

When I had to have the biopsy of my left breast, it turned out to be a benign calcium deposit.  And on the  mammogram, it looked like it could be a calcium deposit.  They told me it was quite possibly a calcium deposit.  They just needed to do the biopsy to make sure.

This time, in my right breast, the radiology tech that just called me to schedule my appointment for tomorrow, says it is not a calcium deposit.  It appears like thicker-than-normal tissue and looks different than it did last time I had a mammogram done.  It could just be overlapping glandular tissue.  Another view of the area may show that's what it was.

But it is not the same thing it was last time.  That worries me for some reason.  I was expecting it to be the same thing.

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