Friday, January 16, 2015

Got a Mammogram Today

Today I had to get a mammogram and I took Isaac with me. The radiology tech remembered Isaac from when I was there having a stomach x-ray done about six weeks ago. She didn't remember me but she remembered Isaac. It's funny, but that is often the case.

Isaac was really good. I put him in a down stay behind the console where the tech would be while actually taking the x-ray. She had to take a total of four different x-rays and had to leave the console to reposition me, then return to the console, for each one. I asked her not to talk to Isaac or even look at him when she did so, because I figured he would take any attention whatsoever as an invitation to get up and socialize. He stayed right where I told him to under all the x-rays were done and I called him over to me.

The radiology tech reminded me that I'd let her pet Isaac last time we were there.  I took that as a hint that she'd like to pet him again.  I told her she could pet him when we were all finished, and Isaac was quite pleased to be told to "go say hi" to her.

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