Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Had My Tooth Pulled

I had my tooth pulled yesterday and I spent most of the day today recovering.  The actually procedure wasn't bad at all.  The only pain was the two Novocaine injections, which just stung for a minute.  The tooth came out super fast and I felt pressure but no pain whatsoever.  I was surprised it was so fast and painless.

The Novocaine wore off about the time I arrived home, though.  I was in pain and all the PTSD stuff kicked in big time.  It was a really rough night last night.  A lot of crying, some flashbacks, nightmares when I finally drifted off to sleep.

Today I tried to do a little writing but didn't have much success.  I just couldn't concentrate.  I was anxious and depressed.  I am so not looking forward to seeing the dentist tomorrow to get started on the bridge.  I've thought a lot about not going.  About just living with a gap in my front teeth.

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